10 tips for teaching conversational English to young adults.

I've been teaching conversational English to young adults for a while now, and I thought I'd give a few tips, that I wish someone had given me in the past.


Studying in a convenience store

As I nonchalantly walk into the local Family Mart or Circle K to get a quick beer or snacks, I witness a scene that is normally reserved for coffee shops: Dozens of young Vietnamese are studying, chatting, hanging out. In a convenience store. Under neon lights, at bland, round and basic tables. Sometimes the tables … Continue reading Studying in a convenience store

10 quick traveling tips

To be honest, I'm not the most experienced traveller, but I'm totalling one year away in 7 different countries, so here's a few tips I've collected along the way. 1- Bags Within Bags (bag inception) Divide your stuff into smaller bags. Instead of throwing everything together in your backpack, get a bunch of plastic bags … Continue reading 10 quick traveling tips